Capcom Removes Advertised Offline Co-Op From Resident Evil Reboot, Updates Steam Page After Sales Begin

Capcom’s never really had much of a consumer-friendly reputation. Between being all about SOPA and utilizing innovative DRM measures such as “You only get one save file per game cartridge ever at all,” it would be tough for the company to claim some kind of goodwill dividend should it screw up and find the need for one. And, boy, could Capcom ever use such a dividend amongst PC gamers right now.

The screw up was advertising on Steam that the RE-reboot, Resident Evil Revelations 2, would include a local, split-screen co-operative mode, selling the game under the umbrella of that promise, and then revealing only after sales had begun that local co-op had never been planned for the PC version of the game.

Link (Techdirt)

Steam Censors Mentions in Chat Client

Interestingly, it appears that Steam doesn’t want its users to talk about certain topics. When the popular torrent site KickassTorrents went offline earlier this week, one Steam user noticed that his messages on the topic were being censored.

“There is no warning or blocked message notification. The messages simply disappeared,” we were told.

After running some tests, which have been replicated by TF, it’s clear that messages mentioning the domain name are not coming through. It’s not just the domain that’s censored, but the entire message.

Link (Torrentfreak)