VIE SHAIR: Pain-Free Social Headphones by Vie Style Inc. — Kickstarter

“minimal skin contact” means it will exert greater pressure on the points it’s touching, and it looks like fairly stiff plastic, so I fail to see how this would be more comfortable. A knife has a lot less skin contact than a towel…

And the point of headphones is to listen to music in privacy. If you actually need a speaker, then get a speaker.

How Zano Raised Millions on Kickstarter and Left Most Backers with Nothing — Kickstarter — Medium

Kickstarter tasked me, a freelance reporter, to find out why a highly funded crowdfunding campaign for a palm-sized drone flamed out in…

Source: How Zano Raised Millions on Kickstarter and Left Most Backers with Nothing — Kickstarter — Medium

Newvelle Records: World-Class Music, Only on Vinyl by Newvelle Records — Kickstarter

Newvelle Records is a new kind of record label with a curated selection of world class musicians, released only on vinyl.

That’s great, but I do wonder how they’re actually going to make any money after the Kickstarter?


Make the Censors Watch ‘Paint Drying’ by Charlie Lyne — Kickstarter

The British Board of Film Certification (previously known as the British Board of Film Censors) was established in 1912 to ensure films remained free of ‘indecorous dancing’, ‘references to controversial politics’ and ‘men and women in bed together’, amongst other perceived indiscretions.

Today, it continues to censor and in some cases ban films, while UK law ensures that, in effect, a film cannot be released in British cinemas without a BBFC certificate.

Each certificate costs around £1000 for a feature film of average length. For many independent filmmakers, such a large upfront can prove prohibitively expensive.


Thanks for the Really Counter-Productive DMCA Complaints

One of today’s favored anti-piracy methods is to have Google de-index alleged pirate links from its search results. The theory is that if users don’t find content on search pages 1, 2 or 3, there’s more chance of them heading off to an official source.

The trouble is, Google’s indexes are massive and therefore return a lot of data. This results in copyright holders resorting to automated tools to identify infringing content en masse and while for some people these seem to work well (the UK’s BPI appears to have a very good record), others aren’t so good at it.

Errors get made and here at TF we like to keep an eye out for the real clangers – obviously it’s of particular interest when we become the targets. After being wrongfully accused by NBC Universal eight times in February, we had to wait until April for the world-famous Web Sheriff to ride into town.

In a DMCA notice sent on behalf of The Weinstein Company, Web Sheriff tackles dozens of domains for alleged offering the company’s content for download. However, for reasons best known to the gun-slinging Sheriff, he told Google that TF’s list of the most popular torrent sites of 2015 is infringing on his client’s copyrights.

We weren’t the only targets though. The Sheriff also tried to have three pages removed from business networking site Linkedin and one each from movie promo sites ComingSoon and Fandango (which are both legitimately advertising Weinstein movies).

However, the real genius came when the Sheriff tried to take down the Kickstarter page for Weinstein’s own movie, Keep On Keepin’ On. Fortunately, Google is on the ball and rejected every attempt.

Link (TorrentFreak)