The idea is to be about specificity, and the individuals within and moving and personifying the cultural, political and demographic trends. We love data. Data is dynamic. We are massively intrigued by the humans that make up the bar graphs. They—you—are our passion, and our priority.

Uh, what? I have absolutely no idea what any of that means. I hope the magazine will be better than the writing in the Kickstarter. Plus you need to spend at least $500 in order to get a copy. Anything less will give you insanely overpriced swag.

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Western Union Gets A Patent On An Exchange For ‘Alternative Currencies’

Remember how the USPTO isn’t supposed to be granting patents on “abstract ideas” like escrow services or payment settlements? Right, so it appears that on April 1st (yes, April Fool’s Day) of this year, the US Patent Office granted Western Union a patent on an exchange for “alternative currencies.”

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Nothing to hide, nothing to fear…

US officials and apologists often say “those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear”.
This one example should be more than enough to disprove that expression:

We recently wrote about a new lawsuit from some Muslim men, suing the US government after they were all placed on the no-fly list for refusing to become informants. Some of the stories were ridiculous, displaying just how aggressive and coercive the FBI has been in trying to force totally innocent people into becoming informants, even when they lack any actual connection to any terrorists or terrorist organizations. But those disgusting stories pale in comparison to a story reported by Nick Baumann at Mother Jones, in which it becomes quite clear that the US governmentwrecked the lives of multiple family members (mostly US citizens) after one American muslim man refused to become an informant. 

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Supernatural: 10 Yrs of Smiles!

Help two brothers explore the subculture of fandom through the lens of Supernatural, a tv show with the most loyal fan base in history!

No, not even close. Star Trek, anyone? And even that might not have the crown.

At least this one doesn’t have any blatantly obvious attempts at misusing anyone’s trademark or copyright. It looks like everything should fall under fair use.

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