Take a Number

This requires that the business in question used their solution, that the customer has a compatible phone, AND that the customer has downloaded the app. A piece of paper doesn’t.

Another problem is, what do you do if someone has entered the queue but doesn’t actually show up? Do you wait?

Last time I was at a clinic, I booked an appointment by phone in advance, and when it was my turn, they called me up. No paper needed. No app needed.

This whole thing sounds to me like a solution in search of a problem.

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What Excuse Remains for Obama’s Failure to Close GITMO?

I find it sad that their motto os "Honor Bound to Defend Freedom". 
That must be some special American version of Freedom.

In order to secure the release of American POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the Obama administration agreed to release from Guantanamo five detainees allegedly affiliated with the Taliban. But as even stalwart Obama defenders such as Jeffery Toobin admit, Obama “clearly broke the law” by releasing those detainees without providing Congress the 30-day notice required by the 2014 defense authorization statute


The only conceivable legal argument to justify this release is if the Obama White House argues that the law does not and cannot bind them. As documented by MSNBC’s Adam Serwer – who acknowledges that “when it comes to the legality of the decision [critics] have a point” – Obama has suggested in the past when issuing signing statements that he does not recognize the validity of congressional restrictions on his power to release Guantanamo detainees because these are decisions assigned by the Constitution solely to the commander-in-chief


But once you take the position that Obama can override — i.e., ignore — Congressional restrictions on his power to release Guantanamo detainees, then what possible excuse is left for his failure to close the camp? As Jason Leopold notes in an astute article at Al Jazeera, this week’s episode “has led one human rights organization to question why the Obama administration has not acted to transfer dozens of other detainees who have been cleared for release for many years.”

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Creator Of Flappy Bird Clone Claims His Duplication Is Covered By Trademark

(…) it takes a special kind of person to copy someone else’s game entirely and then try to prevent future cloning via a bit of peremptory legalese.

Samuel David couldn’t even be bothered to use his own screenshot on the game’s iTunes page.

You know, if you’re just going to clone someone else’s game, at least have the self-awareness to realize that trying to “protect” your “work” (especially with bogus claims) going forward just makes you look like an idiot, and a hugely disingenuous one at that.

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Everyone Go Crazy: Prepare To Blame The Internet For Murder-Inducing Ghost Stories

Prosecutors say two 12-year-old southeastern Wisconsin girls stabbed their 12-year-old friend nearly to death in the woods to please a mythological creature they learned about online. One of the girls told a detective they were trying to become “proxies” of Slender Man, a mythological demon-like character they learned about on creepypasta.wikia.com, a website about horror stories and legends. They planned to run away to the demon’s forest mansion after the slaying, the complaint said.

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Of course they will get away with it…

… there hasn’t been “separation of power” in the US in a very long time.

EFF Tells Court That The NSA Knowingly And Illegally Destroyed Evidence In Key Case Over Bulk Surveillance

The filing lists out the history of the government repeatedly destroying relevant information, despite the preservation orders from the court, and despite clear language noting that the government had to preserve exactly this kind of data. The DOJ’s argument that it thought the data under FISA-approved programs didn’t count seems especially weak, given that the DOJ itself was part of trying to hide that those programs even existed. As the EFF filing notes, the argument seems preposterous in context. For example, at one point, the DOJ claims that it thought EFF didn’t mean FISC-approved programs because it talked about “warrantless” surveillance. However, as EFF notes, even FISC-approved programs are still warrantless, because a FISC order is not a warrant. 

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You have to love a country where corruption is institutionalized

Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH) today introduced legislation to ensure the Internet remains open and free from government interference by limiting the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) authority to regulate broadband under Title II of the Communications Act.

So Bob Latta wants to ensure the internet stays free by removing the last bits of regulations that stop the big telcos from abusing their monopoly-like situation.


Oh, no, there’s no reason to wonder. We already know. Latta is bankrolled by the big broadband companies with AT&T, NCTA, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, American Cable Assocation and Centurylink among his top campaign supporters. Because, of course they are.

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