RIAA Claims That It Is ‘Standing Up For’ Older Musicians That It Actually Left To Rot

The RIAA is not exactly known for its positive treatment of musicians. If you’re at all familiar with the art of RIAA accounting, you’d know about how they structure deals to totally screw over musicians, doing everything possible to make sure they never get paid a dime. Yes, many are given advances, but those advances are “loans” on terrible terms in which the labels add on every possible expense that needs to be “paid back” before you ever see another dime. (…)

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Oklahoma Protesters Threaten to “Secdee” From Union if Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos is not Cancelled


I like how people actually think that anything which doesn’t cater to their particular superstition must be an act of the devil. It’s simply unfathomable that they’re wrong, despite huge mountains of evidence.