San Diego Comic Con Gets Gag Order On Salt Lake Comic Con | Techdirt

Last month, in covering some news about the case still going on, we added a long (longer than the post itself…) editor’s note about the truly weird situation in which SDCC had sent us a ridiculous subpoena demanding (among other things) any internal documents ever mentioning SDCC and implying that we had some sort of business relationship with the organizers of the SLC event (to be clear, we have zero relationship with anyone involved in either event — we just found a story written about the case and used that as the basis for our posts on the topic). We pushed back on SDCC and noted that it really appeared that their fishing expedition was an attempt to intimidate the press from reporting on this case. It was… really strange.And now, with SDCC happening right now, the Hollywood Reporter has the latest on the case, in which SDCC has filed for one of the strangest legal gag orders I’ve seen in a while. I mean, I’ve seen these kinds of gag order requests filed by pro se plaintiffs, but rarely by competent lawyers working at giant famous law firms.

Source: San Diego Comic Con Gets Gag Order On Salt Lake Comic Con | Techdirt

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