How copyright troll Mary K Schulz deceived the court… 600+ times

Mary K Schulz, an Illinois local stooge for Keith Lipscomb’s shakedown empire, not only thinks that certain judges are assholes, but seemingly assumes that all of them are idiots, who deserve to be lied to. Since 10/10/2014 Schulz filed at least 135 copyright and patent trolling cases (Malibu Media — 120, Millionaire Media — 11, Hawk Technologies — 4). Every filing was signed as

The latest notice of appearance also indicates “Schulz Law” as Ms. Schulz’s law firm.

There is one small problem with it. According to the Illinois Secretary of State portal, “Schulz Law, P.C.” was involuntarily dissolved on 10/10/2014:
(Screenshot was taken on 4/19/2014)

I would understand a case when a law firm was dissolved for not paying proper fees on time (which was the most likely reason here), but diligent steps were promptly taken to correct the problem. Unlike a voluntary dissolution, this kind of situation is mendable. I waited for the correction to happen for six months, but it seems that Ms. Schulz simply doesn’t care.

Note that in every case she filed at least five documents, all signed as “Schulz Law, P.C.,” so essentially she deceived the court more than 600 times.

These people are not only evil in their assault on the productive population, but also sloppy and disrespectful to the tribunal.

Link (Fight Copyright Trolls)

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