Comcast fights hometown, says report on poor customer service “inaccurate”

The City of Philadelphia yesterday released a 571-page report assessing Comcast’s service, and the cable company is not taking the report’s criticism lying down.

“We appreciate some of the positive conclusions in the consultant’s report, but overall believe many of the findings are inaccurate, over-stated, or misleading, and we will deliver comprehensive proof of those facts to the City,” Comcast executives LeAnn Talbot and David Cohen wrote in a post titled, “A Philadelphia Love Story.”

Comcast’s headquarters are in Philadelphia, but in some respects the company provides worse service to its hometown than to other major cities, according to the community needs assessment and system technical review conducted by consulting firm CBG Communications. Comcast’s 15-year cable television franchise agreement with Philadelphia expires later this year. It authorizes the company to use public rights-of-way in order to operate cable service.

Link (Ars Technica)

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