Prosecutor Declines to Prosecute Himself

Although it is surprisingly difficult to find solid news reporting out of Zambia, several different sources including AFP have reported that the country’s Director of Public Prosecutions decided recently to drop nine corruption charges pending against a highly placed official, namely himself:

Zambia’s top prosecutor … stunned a magistrate when he refused to prosecute himself on charges of abuse of office and declared himself a free man.

“I am the Director of Public Prosecution of the Republic of Zambia and I have decided to enter a nolle prosequi against all the charges,” Mutembo Nchito told the magistrate from the dock, using the Latin term for refusing to pursue a case.

He did not apologize to himself for ruining his reputation, but then he did not bring the charges in the first place. They were apparently brought by former finance minister Newton Ng’uni, and that does seem a little irregular but Ng’uni may have been concerned that Nchito would not do the right thing on his own. Or the charges may have been politically motivated, but who the hell knows.

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