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Finally, someone who’s taking the problem of the paucity of video game review websites into his own hands.

The idea for this certain video game website comes from a long love and affinity for anything gaming. The website hopes to allow its users to rate new gen video games on a 1-10 scale basis but, the goal is to have these ratings be 100% user based because who is more knowledgeable about games then the ones that actually play them day in and day out. There will be the ability to upgrade a simple free account so the user can actually add his or her own review to any intended game. Different polls and monthly contests will allow users to vote for game of the month and enter into giveaways if the website does take off. Trailers, news, release dates and any upcoming events in the gaming world will be posted daily so users will always know when their favorite titles are coming out and what people have to say about them. Ratings will ultimately be compared with other sites so buying upcoming games can be made easier for the gamer.

A numerical rating system? Reviews? Polls? Giveaways? Of VIDEO GAMES???? Holy shit, someone calm me down. Welcome to terra nova, folks.

Link (Your Kickstarter Sucks)

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