G.H.O.S.T. / Hydrogen On-Demand

Let’s see. No explanation for how it works. Not possible to get a device as a reward. A monumental lack of specifics. Not even an explanation for how they’ve overcome the problem with generating hydrogen without a massive energy loss?

About this project

Producing a hydrogen on-demand fuel saving device…

There is always more than one answer to any given challenge, but finding and implementing alternatives takes courage and cooperation.

We have the courage.

We’re asking you for the cooperation.

The long haul trucking industry ( tractor trailers )has been working for some time to reduce its use of fossil fuels, in an effort to curb operational costs and the size of its adverse affects on the environment.

The use of natural gas has been a suggested alternative option, but it is seriously flawed.

Even though it provides some savings in the cost of fuel and emits only one quarter of the CO2 that normal diesel engines produce, the price of natural gas engines conversions are roughly $50,000 more than a diesel engine; and if natural gas does not burn properly, it can be more dangerous to the environment than CO2.

So what’s the safe alternative?

G.H.O.S.T./Generated, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Separation, Technology

G.H.O.S.T. is a fuel savings device we’ve created, that uses the proven process of separating hydrogen from water.

Clean Fuel Technologies would like to clarify that we did not invent extracting hydrogen from water, that discovery came many, many years ago. We did however achieve harnessing the power of hydrogen from water and utilizing it as a form of on-demand fuel, to support all combustion type engines.

The average tractor trailer uses about $100,000 per year in fuel cost, our device would provide an annual savings of nearly $25,000 for every tractor trailer using our G.H.O.S.T. technology.

Think of the possibilities.

Implementation of our G.H.O.S.T. device will cost approximately $6,900 per tractor trailer to implement vs. a minimum of $30,000 to convert an existing diesel engine to natural gas.

And did we mention our device has almost zero emissions?

Our ultimate goal is nothing short of world domination. Which is to say we’d like to makeG.H.O.S.T. available for every gas or diesel operated engine in the world.

We are starting with the tractor trailer industry because it’s the market where G.H.O.S.T. can create the largest and the quickest results.

We have a plan.

We have a product.

We have a place to build it.

What’s more, we have a buyer.

With a business from the government sector committed to the purchase of a minimum of 10,000 units, we need to provide at least 2500 of those in the next 7 months. We have the facility in which to begin manufacturing, we’re poised for success.

Our start up goal is to build those first 2500 units in our first run, using funding to produce proper manufacturing procedures, and EPA approval.

Some of our estimated costs include but are not limited to:

  • Proprietary machinery for the internal system of our patented device:$250,200
  • Communication driver board technology: $485,000
  • Proprietary plastics: $89,000
  • Stainless steel for cable: $135,000
  • Automotive hose: $13,300
  • Injection mold set up for fusion tank: $95,000
  • Final EPA, and production integrity testing: $25,000

shipping for 2500 units, estimated: $225,000

Our total budget requirement for first run and set up is $1,400,000.

Once testing is complete and verified, and our first run has been purchased, the funds produced from that will improve our manufacturing, and allow us to fully realize our true potential, with our world changing patented device…

This is only the first step.

Once applied to the commercial transportation sector the possible savings are almost unimaginable. Using the G.H.O.S.T. system on our first prototype, a Pontiac Vibe, our system helped that vehicle achieve an amazing 87 miles per gallon!

We have personally invested everything we have to get here.

That was the courage.

And because of our efforts we have been awarded five patents so far:

Mexico, (2) United States, Canada, and Australia.

The name G.H.O.S.T. has been trademarked

We ask you now for your cooperation so that we can implement an alternative solution that will make the unimaginable a reality.

Please help us bring this to the world, with using one of the worlds most robust and abundant resource, water!

We can help change everything!

Our system is:

greener,cleaner and better!

Thank you very much!

Risks and challenges

There is only one, EPA approval.
The great news is we are already working with a third party testing facility that specializes in EPA compliance and standards. As our device gives off virtually zero emissions, approval is imminent.

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