The Thin Blue Line of Entitlement

Something unnatural is happening in Portland, and Police Union President Daryl Turner isn’t going to put up with it.

The proper order of things is upended. Black is white and white is black, cats and dogs cohabit. Madness!

A judge has disbelieved a cop.
Last week Circuit Judge Diana Stuart acquitted teenager Thai Gurule on juvenile charges of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and attempted assault on a cop. She acquitted him even though the cops said he did it.

Is Judge Stuart some sort of pro-criminal agitator? Apparently. In an extensive written order she weighed the testimony of sworn police officers against irrelevant trifles like actual videorecordings of their encounter with Gurule. Even though the cops swore that Gurule threw punches at them, Judge Stuart disbelieved them simply because she could not see any punches on the cell phone videos. Is she some sort of video-fisticuffs expert? Worse than that, she specifically stated that she didn’t find some of their testimony credible. As if they weren’t cops.

But Police Union President Daryl Turner understands the natural order of things, even if this upstart judge doesn’t.

First, Turner understands that when a cop uses force, that decision should be beyond judicial review, and their description of the event beyond question

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