Mobi Kleen

Why on earth would they need $50,000 to develop an app and a web site? And how on earth could this concept be economically viable?

About this project

Mobi Kleen allows the user, to save time by ordering car wash service while they take care of other things.

Going to a regular car wash would typically take a person 10 to 15 minutes of travel time, (one way) and 20 to 40 minutes, (depending on type of service) to have their car washed. That’s about 45 minute they can never get back. During this time, the customer can do nothing but wait until the job is done to go on about their day. Our service techs will provide full service and detailing in a half hour without inconveniencing your schedule.

We plan to give our customers the one thing that we could ALL use a bit more of, TIME.

If you are stuck and work and can’t make it to the wash, open the app and schedule service. Got a hot date but not enough time to get  you and your car ready, open the app and schedule service. Just don’t feel like getting out of bed, open the app and order service. Don’t feel like cleaning the snow off of your car before you go out, open the app and schedule service.

Regardless of the reason, RAIN, SLEET, or SNOW, open the app and schedule service. And we will be there.

We will use this money to finish developing our app and website, so we can present the full project to investors and begin our service.

Please Stay Tuned!!! As our support grows, so will our rewards..

Risks and challenges

Our current challenge is having a functional version of the app and website to present to our possible investors.

We have pricing quotes from developers and coders on standby to fulfill the order that we need. Also we have just begun taking classes to learn to code apps, in order to enable us to keep updating our services.

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