Google Keeps Rejecting Hollywood’s Broad Takedown Requests

The MPAA and Google are not on speaking terms, to say the least.

In recent years the Hollywood group has pushed Google and other search engines to increase their anti-piracy efforts.

This prompted the search giant to filter certain keywords and update its algorithms to downrank pirate sites, but the MPAA is still not happy. Ideally, they want Google to de-list pirate sites entirely.

In a related effort, the group has been sending very targeted takedown requests. Instead of linking to individual download or streaming pages, they ask for the removal of the homepages of various pirate sites.

While these homepages often list links to infringing movies, as shown here, they also include a lot of other content that’s not specified in the takedowns. As a result, Google refuses to take action.

The MPAA’s most recent request lists 43 allegedly infringing URLs and Google refused to take 36 out of its search results, a total of 86 percent.

Link (TorrentFreak

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