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I feel like Americans were fed a lot of bullshit about American ingenuity and Thomas Edison when they were kids, which produced a generation of adults who view every mundane inconvenience as an opportunity to invent and market a revolutionary problem-solving gadget. In the course of solving some such minor problem, the semblance of reality and practicality fades away as the relentless capitalist logic of the inventor drives him towards the craziest possible solution. He then shits his product onto Kickstarter, where it floats up to the intake of Your Kickstarter Sucks, itself an bizarre invention created to solve the problem of Kickstarters not being made fun of enough.

Ryan wanted to get a picture of himself with his fiancé at Staples Center, but his arms were too short to take a selfie (I am not making this up; watch the video). They were forced to ask a stranger to take a photo, but the stranger’s photo came out bad and Ryan was too shy to ask him to take another. There’s got to be a better way! Well now there is:

The product will be a stationary stand much like the old telescope viewers that still exist at various national monuments. It will stand roughly 4 and 1/2 feet tall. It will have a small camera like those included on an Android or iPhone 6. There will be a touchscreen on the opposite side of the camera for customer’s to log into one of their social media platforms. It will also have a ten second countdown that beeps as those desiring a picture will have that time to pose with their friends for the perfect picture. After the picture is taken, it will be automatically posted onto whatever social media platform the customer has logged into.

Smartphones enable people to take high quality photographs anywhere they want, but what we really need is a $10,000 stationary apparatus mounted in front of Staples Center to save souvenir-craved sports fans the trouble and shame of asking a stranger to take a photograph of them. The best part is it’s totally free to use and funded by nothing more intrusive than corporate logos plastered on your photos:

So… Long story short, we will be offering companies to have their logos included on the customer’s pictures which are taken and then posted on social media and…BOOM! All of the sudden, instead of harassing our social media walls with advertisements that are scrolled through. Companies will now have their logos included on pictures of our friends at beautiful destinations across the nation and eventually globe! Thus using both word of mouth advertising while letting the people be the sole marketers. 

Link (Your Kickstarter Sucks)

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