You’ll NEVER guess who has bought I Taught Taylor Swift How To Give Head dot-com

In one of the most unlikely but intriguing domain registrations in recent years, pop star Taylor Swift has, it appears, registered

No, really.

The registration was sparked by Swift’s lawyers threatening the owner of, run by, um, the man who taught Taylor Swift how to play guitar.

Teacher Ronnie Cremer says he received a letter accusing him of infringing the “Taylor Swift” trademark and demanding he hand over the domain within three days. Cremer says he is innocent of any infringement, and refuses to give in, although he is not out of the woods yet.

The affair appears to have spurred Swift’s overzealous team to preemptively register a whole range of other “I Taught Taylor Swift” domains, using the brand-protection company MarkMonitor. Including one about being taught how to give oral sex.

Link (The Register)

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