Popcorn Time Explores I2P Anonymity as VPN Overloads

Branded a “Netflix for Pirates,” the Popcorn Time app quickly gathered a user base of millions of people over the past year.

There are several successful forks of the application available online who all work on their own feature sets.

Popcorn-time.se, has been one of the most active projects. The fork added numerous features and made privacy one of its key selling points.

Last year it was the first fork to roll out a built-in VPN that could be used free of charge. However, with millions of users the associated VPN provider Kebrum had trouble keeping up with the massive demand.

“Our user base grew so quickly and is still growing at a tremendous pace that we’re having difficulties keeping up with the volume. Only a small percentage of the huge number of our users we have can use the VPN simultaneously at the moment,” the Popcorn Time team tells TF.

This motivated the developers to look for various alternatives to keep its users secure. In this quest the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) caught their eye.

“We’re now making the first steps in examining integration of Popcorn Time with the I2P network,” the team explains.

Link (Torrentfreak)

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