Comcast calls bloke an A**HOLE – and even puts it in print

The story goes that Mrs Brown tried to have a TV package dropped from their cable broadband service to save some money each month.

She called the telco’s customer call center, knowing she would have to pay US$60 (£40, AU$76) to do so, and was bounced to a specialist rep whose job is to talk people out of canceling or dropping packages. Brown stuck to her guns, and refused to change her mind.

Not long after, the couple received a bill to “Asshole Brown” at their home address.

Mrs Brown told Elliott she had phoned Comcast execs and visited its nearest store to complain, and to have the name change reversed – but apparently to no avail.

“I was never rude. I am shocked. This is unacceptable,” Mrs Brown told Elliott. “I am requesting everything back I paid Comcast for doing this to me.”

She added that she believed the “retention specialist” she spoke to changed her partner’s name on the account.

Link (The Register)

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