Hey, CNN: Cowardice is Not Tolerance – Nous Sommes Charlie

The first issue published by Charlie Hebdo after a dozen staff members were assassinated is out. Instead of the typical print run of 50,000, they printed (and sold) three million copies.

Newsworthy? Of course.

Was the cover apologetic, conciliatory, or “balanced”? Hell, no.

Newsworthy? Of course.

But when CNN reported that the magazine had resumed publishing, it was unwilling to show the cover. The cover breaks no American laws, is not “obscene,” and features neither nudity nor violence nor libel.

So why the CNN blackout of this historic event? An anchorwoman explained: “It is our policy not to show potentially offensive images of the prophet.”

Read that again: “potentially offensive.”

CNN refuses to say why they have institutionalized this self-censorship. They’re suggesting it’s because they care about the sensitivities of those who would be upset. It’s especially interesting, given that most of those upset people aren’t even in their audience.

Link (The Legal Satyricon)

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