Warning: Using encrypted email in Spain? Do not pass go, go directly to jail

Seven people have been detained for, among other allegations, using encrypted email, a civil-rights group has said.

Spanish cops investigating bomb attacks raided 14 homes and businesses across the country last month and arrested 11 people: seven women and four men, aged 31 to 36, from Spain, Italy, Uruguay, and Austria.

Since then, four people have been released, and the remaining seven were charged with belonging to a “criminal organization of an anarchist nature with terrorist ends.”

That organization has been linked to explosives placed at cash machines, and in the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid and the Pilar Basilica in Zaragoza last year, according to Spanish journalists.

Lawyers defending the accused said investigating Judge Javier Gómez Bermúdez partly chose to further detain the seven due to their use of “emails with extreme security measures” – specifically, freedom-fighting RiseUp.net’s email servers.

Link (The Register)

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