Whisper tracks its users. So The Register tracked down its LA office.

We [The Register] were surprised as anyone when The Guardian revealed that, far from being “the safest place on the internet”, the anonymous messaging app Whisper was tracking the location of its users – even when they specifically denied the app access to their location.

Worse, if someone’s posts were deemed newsworthy, according to The Guardian, the company went out of its way to find out where they were located, using the device’s identification number and IP addresses to track them. This information was then “shared” with news organizations and the Department of Defense.

In response, the app’s editor-in-chief Neetzan Zimmerman and CTO Chad DePue took to Twitter and Hacker News to defend themselves, and even posting a lengthy rebuttal. Unfortunately, nothing they said appeared to persuade anyone that what The Guardian has reported was anything but entirely true.

As luck would have it, your correspondent was in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, home to Whisper’s headquarters, at the time – and decided that maybe Whisper would like to walk through the accusations face-to-face.

Link (The Register)

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