Porta-Farm, a portable farm for survival food

I can’t help feeling sorry for the poor animals that will be trapped in the tiny enclosures, and I can’t really see how a unit this small will be able to feed even one person.

A portable farm that will feed you in time of emergency, it has fish, rabbits, chickens or ducks and vegies that can be moved.

I think this is an important project because peoples lives are at stake, in case of an EMP there will be no electricity to power all the computers and everything will come to a stop. This means no food in stores, so people are going to be hungry and do any thing to get food, so it is important that your food supply is hidden from the public.

Also if the solar panel is installed you can move it the a place that the sun shines, so it has to be portable. The unit is only 34″ wide and 45″ long and the height is 48″, so it can be moved in the house.

I am testing the unit now for durability

Link (Kickstarter)

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