Megaman X The Movie

I can’t see a single word about actually clearing the rights to use the Megaman name…

For all Megaman fans who want to see the video game characters come to real life on the screen.

This project requires many materials to continue making the costumes and props needed during the production such as spray paint, plastic sheets, fabric, resin and much more.

This project aims to play and be viewed online so everyone can watch it for free, it will also be screened at local and non-local film festivals, comic conventions, social media and possibly make a pilot for a network to pick up for a small tv series such as the syfy station or other.

This is for all Megaman fans who enjoy the video game and now see it into a real life action online show. A lot of effort is being put into this project and so far all is coming out great, slowly but surely it’s getting done, just a matter of time so we can finish it all for everyone’s entertainment, and something new and different.

Link (Kickstarter)

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