Thomas the Tank Engine Themed RPG

Yet another project where the author hasn’t really thought about the whole IP thing.

This one doesn’t seem to actually have any experience doing large scale projects either.

I don’t even think this is something that anyone has ever thought of before. Imagine a cross between a post apocalyptic RPG like Fallout (other games are available) and the Thomas the Tank Engine universe.

This is rather exciting for me as I have little experience in rendering but I have some experiences in tinkering around with open source game engines so I think I can make the mechanics of the game really work well. One could even say it would be a very useful engine.

If I get enough funding I will be able to devote all of my time into this project and possibly even buy the rights to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song. Now that’d be cool wouldn’t it ?

With the funding I will hire a small team of expert artists to lovingly create this open ended RPG for you. I will also looking for people new to the industry as it’s always easier to learn from each other.

Link (Kickstarter)

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