Max Mosley Sues Google For Still Finding Photos He Doesn’t Like

Oh Max Mosley. The guy who’s basically guaranteed that the press keeps writing about the “sex party” pictures involving him and five sex workers that were leaked to the press years ago. Mosley has basically dedicated his life to reminding the public about those pictures by fighting a ridiculous war to blame everyone for those pictures existing on the internet. He’s actually won a few lawsuits against Google, in which the company has been told to do the impossible: make the photos of him disappear. Now he’s decided to sue the company yet again, this time in the UK (he’s already sued in France and Germany). Mosley’s really big win over the original newspaper, News of the World, was mostly over the fact that they called it a “Nazi sex party” and he insists that the party wasn’t Nazi-themed (an area of some sensitivity, as Max’s father was friends with Hitler).

This case is not directly related to the recent “right to be forgotten” situation in the EU, but might be considered a close cousin of it. It’s still based on the ridiculous assertion that the fact that some of these pictures are still online can be blamed on Google. Mosley, apparently, is not big on understanding how the internet works. And he’s not above stretching the rulings in the courts:

His lawyers said the case concerned “the ability of individuals within the UK to enforce their rights against the large corporations that control access to the internet”. The statement added: “It seeks to compel Google to stop gathering and publishing images that the English high court decided in 2008 were unlawful in the landmark privacy case Mosley v News Group Newspapers.”

Link (Techdirt)

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