The Beach Babysitter by Albert Culmer

Or perhaps, (it’s crazy, I know) you could try to actually watch your kids? Instead of tying them up to a pole like dogs?

Parents need to know they have a safety device that will help to keep their children safe while they are at the beach. The new safety device that I invented is called The Beach Babysitter. I am raising funds for The Beach Babysitter in order for me to get one of my first ideas in the marketplace. I did a walk survey at the beach and I got ratings from 1 to 10 from 124 people and most all my ratings were 10’s. Then I took my idea to WalMart to try to market it myself, and they took me into a back room, where I talked to a couple of the managers. They liked the idea after I showed them what it looked like, and after I described the purpose of it to them.

Link (Kickstarter)

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