You might want to find yourself a spell checker… Just saying.

Heee I make music You listen to music To make these tracks, I need money (recording+mixing+mastering) You want to spend money on music

We are uneducated kids with instruments and bad drawingskills

No kidding.

Making music is not really a challenge it’s the other bullshit around it… Like pirated software (this is really f#cking sh@t up for software developers) …. Bad recording equiptment…. Family members flushing the toilet and the walls of this house just letting the sound through on your recordings… A land lord, EVICTION… No money more problem…. Bills Bills and more bills…. Oooh yeah I might also get arrested, but don’t worry, it will just take 2 months more before everything is finished… but what’s new? your life is a joke and others laughs about it

Yeah…. No.

Link (Kickstarter)

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