Tesla model S – Wreck to Wrecovery

So he can afford to buy a wrecked Tesla, but doesn’t want to spend any money fixing it? Why on earth would we pay for his car?

This 2013 Tesla Model S was purchased as a salvage wreck. It can be restored to a useful life instead of going to the junkyard, providing a great experience for future users and lessening CO2 output with it’s zero emission electric drivetrain again. Restoring a wrecked Tesla is not simple. It’s an all aluminum body, so it requires aluminum body shop work. It’s always online, so it requires factory authentication before it is deemed safe for ‘turn on’.
It’s far more trouble than your average body shop can contend with, but with the resources at hand it can be done ! Then it’s time for an electric ride !

Link (Kickstarter)

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