A programming book for toddlers

… no, really.

Hello Everyone! My husband, Michael and I have created a programming book for babies and toddlers titled “<Baby></HTML>”. Michael is a Software Engineer and this book was born of the desire we had to teach our own children how to program. Our children are both very young, Noah is 3 and Gabriella is 1. However, our motto is that a child will only learn what they are exposed to. Its common knowledge that children are quite capable of learning everything about the world around them. So why wait to expose them to subjects that may seem a little more advanced? Why not let them get their feet wet while their minds are soaking in everything? Our goal with this book is not necessarily to teach babies or toddlers how to program, but to get them used to the sight of it. I myself am beginning to learn programming basics and to be quite honest, the first time I saw a page of code, it was quite intimidating. To get our children used to seeing code at an early age may make it less daunting or scary for them to learn later on. We also love to bond with our children over things that we, as adults, truly enjoy. Its much more fun and interesting to read to our kids about subjects that we are interested in and passionate about, as opposed to just another book about animals or bedtime! (Although don’t get me wrong, I do love bedtime!) Our hope for this project is to get this book into tiny hands and to potentially help a new generation of little learners find an interest in a subject that may one day be a critical skill to have.

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