Tipeka’s Photographer INC.

This guy wants us to give him $9000 for a new camera. Impressively enough, his kickstarter video consists entirely of a 10 second random clip of a random (sports?) event where someone claps. It doesn’t even show any of his photos.

My (Tipeka) goal of 7,000 is a modest amount considering our entire labor, but this money will be devoted only to the purchase of an Canon 5D Mark III camera set-up… basically everything I (Tipeka) can possibly get that may be of use with this equipment, I (Tipeka) am planning the following several project from Editorial, sports and glamour photographer. Decide if I (Tipeka) want to photograph kids, marriages, families, babies, architecture or some other topic. I (Tipeka) might even branch into being a photojournalist for a publication.

Link (Kickstarter)

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