Like PSY but “better”

“PSY was Korean. I’m Korean. He was fat. I’m fat. He could sing. I can sing. I will therefore become famous.” seems to be the reasoning.

I will provide the world (you) with the CRAZIEST, ILLEST, REALEST, AMAZING, OUT OF THE ORDINARY, TIGHT, SKILLED, LYRICAL MIRACLE, crazy stuff for you to hear in this millennium. You will NEVER find a guy like me in the music business so give me a shot.

The songs you are about to hear are kind of old, and it’s not alike with the newest trends, but my ability and talent to adhere to the industry now will allow me to make the latest and greatest music. So give me a shot. Mind you the songs you are about to hear about 5 years old. So now I must be REALLY AMAZING.

Link (Kickstarter)

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