German Newspapers want to get paid to receive traffic from Google

Hans-Joachim Fuhrmann, a spokesman for the German Newspaper Publishers Association, said the Web sites of all German newspapers and magazines together made 100 million euros, or $143 million, in ad revenue, while Google generated 1.2 billion euros from search advertising in Germany.

“Google says it brings us traffic, but the problem is that Google earns billions, and we earn nothing,” Mr. Fuhrmann said.

Techdirt further notes:

As Danny Sullivan writes about this latest lawsuit, the true hypocrisy is apparent in the fact that the German newspapers, supposedly so upset about Google listing them without paying, have not only done nothing to remove themselves from Google’s index (as can be easily done), but have actually made use of Google’s tools to enhance their appearance within Google.

As Sullivan notes, these newspapers aren’t being “swept up into Google’s results against their wills,” but rather appear to be “actively trying to gain more placement and visibility in them.” And that’s why this move for a cut of the revenue is so ridiculous and cynical. Basically, they’re getting an incredibly valuable service from Google for free and are now demanding to get paid for it as well.

Link (Techdirt)

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