Project Riven

on our website you can buy the game and food with a discount. you buy the game for €50 * 8 = €400. you might say that’s a lot of money, but for €30 you can buy food for 8 people for an entire 24 hour LAN-party. so for €430 you have 8 games and enough food for the entire LAN-party. if you divide that by 8 its €53,75 per person and you own the game for the rest of your life.

the biggest risk is the ability to deliver. delivering the product is the most important this as a web shop and we are looking for a storage to place enough product to last at least 3 days of service.

The guy is correct in “the ability to deliver” being the biggest risk. I don’t think he realizes just how gigantic the task of stocking and distributing food-products across a country is. He’s  probably going to need A LOT more than €5000.

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