Six Officers Charged In Police Pursuit That Ended With 137 Shots Being Fired At Suspects In A Little Over 20 Seconds

Let’s be clear what happened here:

The driver was fully stopped. Escape was no longer even a remote possibility. The flight was over. The public was no longer in danger because the car was surrounded by police cars and 23 police officers in a schoolyard safely removed from pedestrians and traffic.

The primary danger facing the police at this time was from themselves, if they continued to shoot at each other in the circular firing squad they had inadvertently formed.

After the ceasefire, Officer Brelo unleashed an unlawful, second barrage of shots.

The ultimate legal issue is whether the police officer was justified when he stood on the hood of Mr. Russell’s car and emptied his clip into the occupants after the chance of flight was completely eliminated and they no longer presented a threat to the public’s safety.

He was not.

Do anyone think anything would have been done at all, if it weren’t for the video evidence?

This is why it should never be illegal to record public servants.

Link (Techdirt)

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