Companies No Longer Lulled Into Helping NSA Without Legal Basis

An article over at Techdirt show how the relationship between the NSA and tech companies have changed since Edward Snowden and Glen Greenwald published the information about the extent of US spying.

companies are now proactively doing everything possible to counteract the NSA, realizing that they actually have to think about the impact on their customers when (not if) these programs become public. What used to be a simple relationship, with a lot of help from various companies, has changed to something much more approaching a directly adversarial relationship.

There is still a long way to go, but just the fact that companies now have to take into account “how will this look when splashed across the internet” means that they’re already going much, much further in protecting the privacy of their users and customers.

All thanks to Mr. Edward Snowden. I say the world owes that man a lot of gratitude.

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