… because she’s black

This might be the best line from a law suit I’ve read this week:

As my book came out in 2005, it is my belief that she stole my writing. Research indicates that she is black. As I am a well-known Asian Supremacist, I believe she may have done this as an act of retaliation.

As Techdirt notes:

The complainant, Kenneth Eng, ain’t lying. His editorials (read: racist screeds) got AsianWeek in hot water back in 2007. Using the “voice of Asian America” as a vehicle for a rant entitled “Why I Hate Blacks” wasn’t well-received. Apparently, this is what Eng does when not writing dragons-and-guns books. (He also posts videos praising the Virginia Tech shooter and gets arrested for assault and harassment in his down time.)

Link (Techdirt)

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