Wil Wheaton Discusses TV, Cord-Cutting, Piracy…

I’m just going to copy what JP Jones wrote in a comment at the article over at Techdirt:

Huh, imagine that. The first episode is available to watch legally, and a lot of people watch it legally. The second episode isn’t…and isn’t watched as much. Imagine that.

I’m suddenly very interested in this show. If I can watch it legally, I will…if not, I’ll probably watch it anyway. I understand the argument of “support the artists!” Totally get it. But here’s the thing; if you won’t sell me your product, I can’t buy it. If I can’t buy it, I can’t support it.

Here’s the problem that I (and a lot of people here on Techdirt) have. We aren’t going to buy stuff that’s worthless to us just to buy the stuff we do want. It’s sort of like saying “well, you want some new tires, and we want you to support us, so here is some new tires…but you can only buy them along with this new car.” You already have a car, you say, and it works perfectly fine. “Sorry! Pay for the whole car or nothing.”

Offer us the service we want at a reasonable price and we’ll buy it. Note that “reasonable prices” are set by what the consumer is willing to pay, not what the seller wants you to pay.

Note that this is directed to the cable companies, not Will Wheaton. Will Wheaton rocks.

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