Tom Cruise’s career is ruined because the internet

No, not really, but it is what Amy Nicholson claims. After reading the Techdirt article, and the comments, it was found that she’s probably just trying to drum up interest for her book, which sounds like a full on advert for Tom Cruise. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was at least in part financed by the church cult of scientology itself.

You can probably picture it in your head: Tom Cruise, dressed in head-to-toe black, looming over a cowering Oprah as he jumps up and down on the buttermilk-colored couch like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Cruise bouncing on that couch is one of the touchstones of the last decade, the punchline every time someone writes about his career. There’s just one catch: It never happened.

This is what she claims didn’t happen:

Link (Techdirt)

Not really relevant, but still funny, imho:

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