Hte spo0kest boook in the w0lrd by Sp0okmstr666

What the hell is this person going on about? I tried to parse whatever gibberish the KS page was written in, and I think my soul (or whatever is left of it) collapsed by the sheer lack of grammar.

That might be THE WORST kickstarter I’ve EVER seen.

He,lo i m sop00kmstr666 nd i a

(Interoducchun stoelem by skelligtons (spooeky! Ooo”& ) ]

I wan 2 wriet a book dat is ackshully sacry an creats a truely literary (or should I say, literSCARY) experunse.

so i rite a big boko wehr ther r lets of spoeoku (edit: spo0key) skeltuons onand ghsts goblns ghoools demonz nd oethr creatures fo the rectangls of hell. If u ware scoks like i do, thyr wil be scrared off! (I m not liabel 4 costs of loosing soxks.

I m a traynd riter with a skellton inside of me so i thin i m perfeqtly cwalifyed 2! writ a book abou thm. I wil research demo ns and othr parinormal beingz so evrythin u read will b real lief$.

The book I will be writing is a literary thriller with elements of horror and paranormal themes. Dar wil be skelingss nd othe creaters of th nite!

It wll b the sp00kyst bo(2 – 2)k u will ever read

Link (Kickstarter) – Although, you might not want to actually read that…

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