DOJ Admits It’s Still Destroying Evidence In NSA Case; Judge Orders Them (Again) To Stop; DOJ Flips Out

In the court case between DOJ and EFF, the DOJ has apparently decided the temporary restraining order ordering them to preserve any relevant evidence, doesn’t concern them. According to the DOJ, preserving evidence means that the terrorists will win.

The court has now sent a new TRO, reaffirming the previous.

In its TRO, the Court ordered the government to refrain from any further destruction of evidence pending final resolution of the parties’ dispute over the government’s evidence preservation obligations: “Accordingly, it is HEREBY ORDERED that Defendants, their officers, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys, and all those in active concert or participation with them are prohibited, enjoined, and restrained from destroying any potential evidence relevant to the claims at issue in this action, including but not limited to prohibiting the destruction of any telephone metadata or ‘call detail’ records, pending further order of the Court.” ECF No. 189 at 2 (emphasis added). In its Amended Minute Order, the Court reiterated that the TRO’s prohibition on any evidence destruction remains in effect until the Court has finally decided the evidence preservation dispute: “The Court extends the temporary restraining order issued on March 10, 2014 until a final order resolving the matter is issued.” ECF No. 206 at 1.

The response from the DOJ was simple, yet unbelievable

Undersigned counsel have been advised by the National Security Agency that compliance with the June 5, 2014 Order would cause severe operational consequences for the National Security Agency (NSA’s) national security mission, including the possible suspension of the Section 702 program and potential loss of access to lawfully collected signals intelligence information on foreign intelligence targets that is vital to NSA’s foreign intelligence mission.

So basically, look the other way or the terrorists win.

I would rather say; If we look the other way, the terrorists win.

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