Verizon wants to have their cake and eat it too

They claim that this infrastructure must be considered Title II, in order to get those subsidies, tax breaks and rights of way. And they insist that it’s proper to classify it as Title II because it offers voice service over those lines. But, at the very same time, they claim that all other services that they provide, must be classified under Title I.

Oh, and it gets better: they claim that in order to pay for all of this (even though they’re getting all these breaks and subsidies), they have to raise the prices on telephone service — which they’ve done at a fairly astounding rate.

And, we’re not done with the scam yet. As we’ve been describing for years, part of this shell game is that Verizon promises that, under Title II, it will install this fiber to everyone — and then never delivers. And then, for the final kick in the gut, after it fails to deliver on those promises, it gets local politicians to drop the requirements it agreed to in order to get the subsidies.

Link (Techdirt)

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