Of course they will get away with it…

… there hasn’t been “separation of power” in the US in a very long time.

EFF Tells Court That The NSA Knowingly And Illegally Destroyed Evidence In Key Case Over Bulk Surveillance

The filing lists out the history of the government repeatedly destroying relevant information, despite the preservation orders from the court, and despite clear language noting that the government had to preserve exactly this kind of data. The DOJ’s argument that it thought the data under FISA-approved programs didn’t count seems especially weak, given that the DOJ itself was part of trying to hide that those programs even existed. As the EFF filing notes, the argument seems preposterous in context. For example, at one point, the DOJ claims that it thought EFF didn’t mean FISC-approved programs because it talked about “warrantless” surveillance. However, as EFF notes, even FISC-approved programs are still warrantless, because a FISC order is not a warrant. 

Link (Techdirt)

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